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In 2014 I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy an incurable untreatable muscle-wasting condition, the prognosis was not good, I would soon need a wheelchair. 


As a 45 years old fitness instructor and mum of three boys this was not the future I had imagined for myself or my family it was a devastating and frightening prospect.


At that moment I made the decision that I would do everything I could to enjoy the next chapter of my life.  It was my responsibility to stay well both mentally and physically.

It was a bumpy ride, I didn’t want to stop teaching the high energy classes I loved and this caused an injury followed by a significant surgery that kept me off my feet and in a lot of pain.


I understood the many positive benefits of exercise and created a programme that I could do with my many limitations.  The results were simply amazing, a few minutes of exercise every day which I built up slowly over the weeks and I was back on my feet. My consultant said “whatever you’ve done bottle it!”


So I taught the class in my community, called it Paracise™, and now through an instructor training programme we have classes across the world.

Age, illness, and injury can result in a loss or change which can have a negative effect on our physical and mental health. Exercise and good nutrition has an  immediately positive effect on our bodies and brains and can help increase our confidence, independence and can help us change the way we look at life.

This plan offers both, a simple and delicious nutritional plan and daily low intensity functional but fun exercises.


I am stronger, fitter, healthier and happier than I was in 2014. I hope to inspire and motivate you to feel the same.

It is within our power to shape our future.


Best wishes


Sarah Goldsack - Positivity Coach and Mentor | London & Surrey
Sarah Goldsack - Positivity Coach and Mentor | London & Surrey

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