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I have lost 4 stone on the Survive and Thrive Plan.


At 60 years old and tipping the scales at 19 1/2 stone I knew I had to make some changes to my lifestyle if I was going to avoid illness and live an active life to a good age. The plan was very straight forward and made a lot of sense. I found it easy to stick to and enjoyed the recipes.

I do the morning exercises every day, walk regularly and stand every half an hour.


Before the programme I suffered with back pain but not anymore. Everyone says I look much younger and according to my wife I no longer snore which is a bonus.



I hit 50 and the menopause, I put on weight, and due to poor energy levels, hot sweats, aches and pains I found exercise a challenge. Survive and Thrive has been a godsend it has taught me how to eat for my mental and physical well being rather than focus on my weight and what I look like, it was a revelation.


The exercises are so enjoyable I really look forward to them and have no problem fitting them into my busy lifestyle. I can feel the benefits and I am not sore after working out. I now feel really positive about the next stage of my life rather than dreading it.



I was diagnosed with a life-changing illness in 2014 and told I would soon need a wheelchair. I decided to use my fitness knowledge to create an exercise plan that would keep me mobile for as long as possible. Short regular workouts every day did exactly that and 7 years on I am leading an independent active life.


I met Helen from Venus Nutrition in 2017 she taught me how we can support our bodies with good nutrition and to adjust our diet as we age to ensure we are as healthy and strong as possible. I want to inspire you to stay positive no matter what stage or age you are at.

We can always do something to help ourselves it is never to late.  Simply adding regular gentle exercise and improving our diet can make a life changing difference to our health.



I have arthritis and bursitis in my hip which was giving me a lot of pain. Since starting the Survive and Thrive exercises I find the discomfort has eased and I am a lot more mobile in fact I now walk 5 km a day for fun.


As you get older you don’t always feel like cooking and you can lose your appetite. The plan taught me that I need regular, nutritionally balanced meals to keep my body healthy. My immune system is 78 years old so I need to fine-tune it with good nutrition.


I’ve learned an awful lot about how to improve my diet it is fascinating. I have tried lots of new foods I never thought I would like. My grandchildren think I am very cool drinking smoothies!



Receiving a life-changing diagnosis was awful but the Survive & Thrive Plan really helped me get through breast cancer treatment and make a full recovery.

By focusing on good nutrition I felt that I was giving myself the best chance of beating this horrible disease.


The exercises added structure and routine to my day which helped me keep a really positive attitude. In particular the Rise and Shine class each morning allowed me to shake off negative overnight feelings and gave me a wonderfully uplifting start to the day.

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